DMV Wait Times

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About Us

DMV Wait Times is an information-driven website based in Orange County, CA. Our goal is to provide both live and historical data in a clear and convenient way for users to understand.

We store and analyze millions of data points fetched directly from California DMV websites to come up with the current, daily, and average wait times per California DMV office, per day, per minute. We understand that this is not an exact science and current events greatly effect wait time statistics, but we believe that having a general idea of wait times and traffic patterns at the DMV can benefit your decision of if and when to make the trip.

The idea behind this website stemmed from needing to go to the DMV and wondering when the best time was. Through analyzing millions of data points we can provide enough information to determine with some historical certainty when the best time to go is. Again, this is not an exact science but we aim to provide users with enough information so they can make an informed decision themselves.

We are an independent third-party and we have no control over DMV wait times. The wait times we display are based on data we've collected directly from the California DMV websites. In general, wait times in the mornings in the middle of the week are typically the shortest.

DMV Wait Times is privately owned and is NOT owned or operated by any government agencies.